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ur Team

Michael Carter

Director of Marketing

Irene Vargiamis

Administrative Assistant

Josh Vencius

Customer Success Manager

Panos Angouridakis

Director of Operations

Philipos Angelopoulos

UX/UI Designer

Tanvir Ahmed

Marketing Manager

Nicoleta Shroyer

Social Media Coordinator

Victoria Troendle

Graphic Designer

Sofia Zois

Graphic Designer

Costa Stergiou

Marketing Manager

Vincent Brothers

Business Development

Jason Evangelou

Marketing Manager

Mae Mar

Accounting & Finance

Maritess Yosores

Accounting & Finance

Vasilios Sinagridis

CEO, Founder

ur Core Values

Genuine service

Trust is the product. We are the brand

Relentless improvement

1% better in all things

Listen to learn 

The obstacle is the solution

Lead with intent

Make others better

Extreme ownership

Whatever you do, own it

Live with purpose

Write your own story

Interested in joining us?
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