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"poor" george's plight

a restauranteur's short story.

The "Trap".

We get it. 

It seemed so good.  Everyone uses "them".  Their red signs are everywhere.  

They gave you a free month.

Promised you free advertising.  "They'll bring me new business."

They said you can cancel anytime.

"Ding". Your first order, then second, then the third.  That's it! You've saved your business.

Free month ends.  Then it happens. 


Payments seem short.  You take a closer look; commissions + fees = over 20%??  


"This is bullsh*t! I'll raise my prices across the board, if they want it they'll pay."

Then, you notice their names.  They're not new business.  They're your existing customers. 


You're overcharging them and they notice. 

Guilt settles.  Your valued customer doesn't feel so valued.

Reputation tanks. Profits shrink. 

You're stuck with an artificial business "partner" you can't get rid of.

The rich get richer.  Small business dies the slow death.

Don't be like Poor George.



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